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Vendor Spotlight: Good Seed

This week we spoke with Oliver Ponce of Good Seed burger.  These delicious vegan and gluten free burgers are produced using hempseed and other superfoods.  Read on to learn more!

in: What inspired the creation of a hempseed burger?

GS: I was inspired by my experience with cooking plant based foods at Casa de Luz. There I had a chance to see how clean whole foods could nourish and help people regain health and balance. That’s when we opened up our food truck where we first sold our veggie burger.

in: How is hempseed different from other vegetarian/vegan burger options? 

GS: Hemp one of the most nutritionally complete plant based proteins. It is also easy to digest. While a lot of meat alternatives contain processed grains, we focus on sprouted ingredients that are gut friendly. In addition to hemp we pack our burgers with other nutrient dense ingredients like pumpkin seeds, chia, sunflower seeds and sea veggies.

in: How do you develop your different burger flavors? What’s your personal favorite?

GS: While we do not necessarily mimic meat, our patties are hearty and savory. We aim to offer flavor forward patties with allergen-free options to reach a larger audience. We like to use flavors that people are familiar with and make patties that can also be used in other ways than just burgers. My favorite is our spicy Italian slider that I love on pizza and the world famous in.gredients Bagelini!

in: How do you source your ingredients?

GS:  They are sourced from the US with the exception of the hemp, which still comes from Canada. Some of our ingredients are specialty ingredients like our organic sprouted brown rice and lentils. We seek out suppliers that are taking that extra step to sprout for digestive health. We get our sea veggies from Maine where they are sustainably harvested.

in: What’s your favorite thing about this business? What has been most challenging?

GS: We love being able to provide healthy solutions for people and hearing that our products are helping them on a daily basis. The biggest challenge is the cost of doing business in this industry.

in: Anything else you’d like to add?

GS: Stay tuned for more Good Seed clean foods in the near future and pop-up tastings at in.gredients!

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