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Need to Get Rid of Non-Recyclables?

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Ever wonder if you could recycle a film container? What about corks, or used CDs? These items, and many other “gray area” things, are usually not recyclable – but remember, within the “precycling” philosophy (reduce, reuse, then recycle), recycling’s the last step when it comes to minimizing waste.

Here’s a way to reuse some of the more “random” household items: the Austin Children’s Museum at 2nd and Colorado accepts the following items as donations, to be used for interactive museum activities:

-toilet paper/paper towel tubes
-yogurt/plastic cups (washed)
-plastic containers
-paper/cardboard boxes (no cereal boxes)
-Styrofoam egg cartons (though the museum’s not taking these until further notice)
-film canisters
-plastic bottle caps
-used CDs
-paper: 8×8 inches or larger
-cardboard: 8×8 inches or larger
-yarn or string: 1 foot or longer
-fabric: 8×8 inches or larger
-materials that will inspire creativity in young minds. for example; wires, bulldog clips, clothespins, magnets, paperclips, etc.
-any design materials, materials books (carpet books, fabric books, material samples, etc)

You can drop off these goods at the museum during normal business hours. To decrease the workload of the museum’s volunteers, the museum has asked donators to sort your donations into (reusable or recyclable!) bags of like items.

If you have questions about Design Center supply donations, or have a donation you are unsure about, please call the museum at +1 512 472 2499, ext 202.

(image via: Austin Children’s Museum)

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September 23, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Media Mythbusters: Containers

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Hi, friends! A number of you have asked if in.gredients customers will be “asked to bring their own containers” to the store for filling. So we want to remind everyone: customers will be *encouraged* to bring their own containers, not asked. Don’t worry – we won’t require you to bring your own containers to our store. If you’d like to bring all 20 of your containers to the store, by all means, do so! But if you’re stopping by on the way home from work, dashing in for a snack, or if you forgot your containers, don’t worry – all of the free containers in our store are either compostable, highly reusable, or recyclable, and there for the taking.

All this to say, we prioritize “reduce, reuse, then recycle,” and will encourage you to reduce the waste your grocery trips take by re-using as much as possible. Reusable containers are a sure-fire way to accomplish this!

Read more about our exciting new business model on our FAQ page. We add to the content regularly!

Written by Brian Nunnery

July 6, 2011 at 12:08 pm

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