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Old is in.

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When I’ve told folks about our campaign, I’ve often received the reactions “wow – that’s a great new idea!” and “that’s very innovative – I’ve never heard of that before.” And it’s true – what we’re hoping to do is very “new” to the Western world.

But the concept of package-free, zero-waste groceries is by no means new. It’s a very old idea. In the past, when people weren’t raising/growing their own food, they bought food in public markets – and, believe it or not, brought their own containers. While glass jars weren’t the norm, burlap sacks, baskets, and other reusable totes were used to carry food home. This is still happening today, outside Western (or Western-influenced) societies. Indeed, in parts of Mexico, it’s not uncommon for folks to bring towels to a tortilleria to wrap tortillas in.

We need to remind ourselves that waste is a human invention. How we define waste has changed throughout the centuries – and presently, that definition stretches more broadly than ever before. So while in.gredients is a cool, new idea for us, it’s actually a return to an older way of doing things – a return to sustainability.

Written by Brian Nunnery

June 20, 2011 at 10:43 am

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