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10 Ways to “Green” Your Pantry (Daily Green)

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The Daily Green put out this top 10 list advising readers on how to “green” their pantries. More of the same in terms of advice we’ve been putting out – but everyone loves top 10 lists! Here’s the skinny version of their advice:

  1. Do: stock bulk foods (there’s a good store for this…read more)
  2. Don’t: stock processed foods (elementary, but important…read more)
  3. Don’t: use plastic storage containers (read more)
  4. Do: use non-toxic food storage containers (glass is your best bet…read more)
  5. Don’t: overstock canned foods (read more)
  6. Do: make your own cleaning products (here’s a startread more)
  7. Do: stock reusable items (reduce, reuse, then recycle…read more)
  8. Do: check food safety recalls (read more)
  9. Don’t: use toxic pesticides (another do-it-yourself opp…read more)
  10. Do: stock good cookbooks (too many to name! …read more)

Anyone have perspective to add?

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Written by Brian Nunnery

November 3, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Recipe: Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner!

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Tired of dropping money on so many cleaning products? Make your own! Tsh Oxenreider, of SimpleMom, does a great job of explaining how easy (and *healthy*) it is to make your own non-toxic cleaners on her blog and in her latest book.

The Benefits

Tsh notes the following benefits of do-it-yourself cleaners:
1. Non-toxic cleaners are perfectly safe around children.
2. Non-toxic cleaners keep the air you breathe clean.
3. Non-toxic cleaners are much, much cheaper.
4. Non-toxic cleaners don’t harm the environment.

We add these benefits to the list:
5. Making your own cleaners reduces packaging waste (if you’re reusing your bottles).
6. Making multi-purpose cleaners saves space in your home, since separate cleaners aren’t always necessary for every household cleaning task.

The Recipe

Check out Tsh’s recipe here, on her blog. We’ll offer each of the simple ingredients in our store, package-free.

Written by Brian Nunnery

October 17, 2011 at 4:31 pm

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