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Exclusive live acoustic recordings at in.gredients

March 2016

Jacob Alan Jaeger

Ley Line (Austin, TX)

Carter Francis (Austin, TX)

American Dreamer (Austin, TX)

Ali Holder & Little Brave (Austin, TX)

Stovetop Rangers (Austin, TX)

Dana Falconberry (Austin, TX)

American Dreamer (Austin, TX)

July 2015

Bottom Dollar String Band (Austin, TX)

March 2013

The Falls (Australia)

Friendly People (Cambridge, MA)

Whiskey Shivers (Austin, TX)

Sun Club (Annapolis, MD)

Carper Family Band

March 2012

The French Wives (Glasgow)

Run on Sentence (Portland, Oregon)

Justin Lewis (Louisville, Kentucky)

The Sour Notes (Austin)

Young Readers Band (Norman, Oklahoma)

We Were Pirates (Washington, DC)

Vio/Miré (Providence, Rhode Island)

Alpine (Melbourne, Australia)

Elsa Rae (Kansas City)

Bird Call (Brooklyn, New York)

Little Brave (Austin)

The Lonely Wild (Los Angeles)

Lilies On Mars (London)

Ms. Fridrich (Washington, DC)

The Channel (Austin)

Ceschi (New Haven, Connecticut)

Gangstagrass (Brooklyn, New York)

Fosskit No. 5 (Austin)

Suburban Living (Hampton Roads, Virginia)

Deerpeople (Stillwater, Oklahoma)

Atlas Maior (Austin)