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‘I’m in’ with Stephanie Ciancio from San Fransisco’s Nesting So Hard

Stephanie Ciancio lives in San Fransisco but insists on taking a trip to in.gredients every time she visits her best friend in Austin. Stephanie’s commitment to living a zero waste lifestyle and changing how she shops has led her to start Nesting So Hard, a service that helps people reorganize their kitchens and commit to zero waste […]


Thanksgiving Recipes and Specials

Weekly Updates from in.gredients Neighborhood Grocer View this email in your browser Giving Thanks Y’all know what we’re grateful for this season? You guessed it: local food, grown sustainably!  And folks like yourself who choose to shop with us or at farmers markets because you know that good food is worth a little extra.  Why not make […]


Urban Composting

If you live in an apartment or other highly urban setting, chances are composting might seem tricky or impossible. Lack of outdoor space may prevent you from being able to have a compost pile, and composting indoors might not seem like the most intuitive process. Fear not! It’s indeed totally feasible to save those scraps […]


6 Ways to Use Overripe Produce

Before you take those be-speckled bananas to the compost pile think how nice some warm, homemade banana muffins would be. As it turns out, the soft consistency and strong flavor of overripe bananas make them the best to bake with. You probably already knew that about bananas – maybe you asked your mom or your […]


Zero Waste Living Spotlight: Amelia Raley

This feature’s the first of a series of spotlights on Austin residents who’ve decided to “go zero waste,” and have agreed to share their story so our community can learn and gain perspective on how reducing waste translates to daily life. Amelia Raley: Vegan since 2007, Cherrywood resident, soon-to-be co-owner of new Eastside vegan ice […]