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An in.terview with Dustin Fedako of Compost Pedallers

We asked Dustin Fedako of Compost Pedallers a few questions about how they operate and what inspires them.  For more info, check out their recent feature in National Geographic! Want to give their service a try? Use the coupon code “in.compost” at checkout before Thanksgiving and get half off your first month! in:  How did Compost […]


An in.terview with Head Doughpuncher David Norman of Easy Tiger

in:  How did you get the name “Easy Tiger”? At the same time that ELM Restaurant Group decided to partner with me on a bread bakery, they had discussed opening a beer garden – with the name Easy Tiger in the back pocket of one of the partners. Given the commonality of the yeast and […]


An in.terview with FOND Bone Broth

in: How did FOND get its start, and what inspired your passion for bone broth? There are many ways to feed our sugar cravings, but we wanted to be a delightful and delicious solution for people making positive choices for their health, and we believe that starts at the table. Making sipping bone broth – […]


The Austin Winery

  An in.terview with Ross McLauchlan, President and CEO of The Austin Winery in: How does creating wines based on Texas grapes differ from using grapes from elsewhere, like California? TAW: Each region has it’s own distinct character, and the goal is to showcase/highlight those defining traits. One of the most enjoyable tasks is exploring new blends […]


Bearded Brothers

About Bearded Brothers Bearded Brothers is an organic snackfood company, located in beautiful Austin Texas. Most of our handmade energy bars are 100% organic, mostly raw, gluten free, vegan friendly and amazingly delicious. Just try them, we guarantee you will be back for more. The Brothers Caleb is an avid rock climber, runner, and cyclist […]


Goat People Do: An in.side look at Pure Luck Dairy

By: Grayson Vreeland When I arrived at Pure Luck dairy in Dripping Springs, the place was alive with activity. Amelia and Ben welcomed me into their cheery home, where their two small children were having a dance party. The house is right at the farm, only steps away from the hundred or so goats they […]


Weekly Update and Specials :: May 20th-27th

Weekly Updates from in.gredients Neighborhood Grocer View this email in your browser Did you miss our pint night with Circle Brewing Co. last week?  Don’t worry, we’ve got another planned this week (tonight, in fact!) with another favorite brewery of ours, Austin Beerworks.  Catch the details below.  Friday we continue our porch residency with Brand New Key, who’ve been playing […]


Weekly Update and Specials :: April 22nd-29th

Weekly Updates from in.gredients Neighborhood Grocer View this email in your browser We want our kids to be able to enjoy the bounty of the planet.  We know you do, too. That’s why we run our zero-waste grocer with a sustainable future in mind.  As a triple-bottom line business, we put people and planet on the […]


Weekly Update and Specials :: April 8th – April 15th

Weekly Updates from in.gredients Neighborhood Grocer View this email in your browser Weekly Specials It’s a great week to come try some new products and finally pick up that t-shirt you’ve been eyeing!  We’re excited to feature a few of our favorites, including Wondercide, a cedar oil pest control product that is both non-toxic and effective! […]


Weekly Specials and Update :: March 11th – 18th

Weekly Updates from in.gredients Neighborhood Grocer View this email in your browser The festival is upon us!  We kick off our own little party this Thursday evening at 5:15 PM with four bands from all over the world.  Through Saturday evening, you’ll be able to experience March’s musical energy and diversity without leaving your neighborhood. […]


Weekly Specials and Update :: February 25th – March 4th

Weekly Updates from in.gredients Neighborhood Grocer View this email in your browser This week we bid February adieu and welcome March aboard!  In Austin, March means a bit of madness and a lot of lovely days.  It means getting into your garden to grow your own food and out into the community to engage with […]


A Complete(ly) Sustainable Protein?

We’re all about new ideas. We’re also into revitalizing old ideas that have gone by the wayside. Eliminating unnecessary food packaging and focusing on locally and sustainably grown foods are good examples of old ideas made new again, and so is this: eating insects.  Entomophagy, as it’s formally known, is a practice dating back thousands […]


Support the Bastrop Cattle Company Processing Plant Campaign

It can be eye-opening when you start researching where your steak comes from. Living in a society with a large industrial food system, it’s easy to not know. You can go to the grocery store and buy meat that’s nicely cut, processed and wrapped for your convenience. What if we all took a step back […]