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Our Unacceptable in.gredients List

We try to make the experience of shopping at in.gredients as fun and stress-free as possible. We take pride in our thorough sourcing process where we screen the ingredients in each of our products to guarantee that our customers only receive the best, healthiest products made in an ethical way with guilt-free ingredients. acesulfame-K (acesulfame […]


in.gredients 4th Anniversary Party on Aug. 6th

Join us in celebrating four years of zero waste, local food, and community at our free family-friendly 4th Anniversary Party on Saturday, August 6 from 6-9PM. There will be live music by The Stovetop Rangers and Devin James Fry,KTonic Kombucha snowcones, live screen printing by Fine Southern Gentlemen, face painting by Sparklefingers Body Art, a […]


‘I’m in’ with Stephanie Ciancio from San Fransisco’s Nesting So Hard

Stephanie Ciancio lives in San Fransisco but insists on taking a trip to in.gredients every time she visits her best friend in Austin. Stephanie’s commitment to living a zero waste lifestyle and changing how she shops has led her to start Nesting So Hard, a service that helps people reorganize their kitchens and commit to zero waste […]


Cucumbers to Kombucha, Right Here!

Hey everybody! Jessica here. I haven’t posted in a few days because I have been busy coordinating with some of our future suppliers (i.e. folks whose products we’ll be carrying in the store when we open). Though I’ve missed blogging, I have to say, I’m super excited to keep finding out about the abundance of […]


Ignorance *was* Bliss

Brian Nunnery: Brian’s an Austin native with a passion for intelligent city design and sustainability. When he’s not busy helping in.gredients get off the launchpad, he loves cycling, drawing maps, and great conversations! I walked into my co-working space yesterday with a sack lunch – that is, a reusable bag filled with a ceramic plate, […]


The Hunt for Seasonal and Local Gets Easier

Jessica Malsky: Jessica’s an Austin native with a passion for environmental issues and an unshakable commitment to improving sustainability. When she’s not busy blogging for in.gredients, she loves studying ecology, thrift store shopping, bees, and riding bicycles! Hello! I’m Jessica Malsky, the newest member of the in.gredients team. One of the things I’ve become most excited […]


Guest Post: Being Vegan in Austin

Intro from in.gredients While it’s easy to be vegan in some areas, in others, it’s not. Vegan-friendliness depends on many factors: grocery store selection, restaurant choices, and most importantly, societal awareness. We’ve enjoyed meeting many of you in the last month and learning about your varying diets and nutritional goals – which ranged from “none” […]


in.gredients to Me: “Because” (Guest Post)

Carolyne Kauser-Abbott Carolyne Kauser-Abbott has a corporate real estate and financial background, but now is happily soaking up the slow life in France and Calgary. You can follow her travels on her own blog, Ginger and Nutmeg (she’s “Nutmeg”), or her monthly articles on My French Life, where she’s a contributor. “Because – make no […]


A Goodbye From Our Summer Intern

Kae Wang: in.gredients‘ summer intern; photojournalism student at UT. Hi there! I don’t know if we’ve been properly introduced. My name’s Kae Wang and I’m a photojournalism student at UT – that’s me (top left) with my handy reusable water bottle. For the last two months, I’ve helped get the store off the ground by […]


Free Full-Body Massage with $100 Donation!

Great news! We’re bringing back the massage prize bonus. Donate $100 and you’ll not only receive an in.gredients T-shirt – you’ll win a one-hour, full-body massage from Bright Side Body Therapy session! No better way to help us reach our $15,000 fundraising goal… Congrats to Vincent for being our first winner. There’s just four left – […]


Guest Post: How I Learned Food Matters

  Sam Friedman: Sam Friedman is a musician, writer, filmmaker and photographer exploring the art of happiness in Los Angeles, CA. To discover and explore his work, visit   At some point after I moved to Los Angeles two months ago, a switch flipped inside me. It’s hard to say when, exactly. Maybe it […]


The Nitrogen Predicament: Why Agriculture’s Got To Change

Lauren Welker: Geologist, gardener, epicurean, homesteader, scholar, problem solver Nitrogen (N2) is an essential nutrient for all living organisms, and it’s one of the most important nutrients needed for plant growth. Without it, plants are unable to produce complex organic molecules like amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids.  For something that comprises 78% of the […]


Culture Waves (Guest Post)

Matt Arnold: Matt is a massage therapist devoted to supporting the sustainability community through bodywork, volunteering, and spreading the word (see: Bright Side Body Therapy. In his practice he works with people who want to make changes in the world, using massage to help them make changes in themselves first. In some way, we’ve all […]


Eat Local: A 30-day Challenge (Guest Post)

Shelley Seale: Shelley’s an Austin-based freelance Writer & Author, Vagabond and Dreamer. She’s currently on a year of month-long lifestyle projects, doing a different experiment every 30 Days. Follow her progress here. I love food. I love healthy & natural. I love Austin and the cool people we have here. I love shopping for food […]


Somethin’s Gotta Give (Guest Post)

  Lauren Welker: Geologist, gardener, epicurean, homesteader, scholar, problem solver   It’s a relatively accepted fact that we, as a country, are in trouble. Life as we know it is unsustainable. Just look at the news: Gulf Oil Spill Waste Ushers In Cancer! Oil at $120 Risk Economic Double Dip! U.S. Corn-Crop Delays Signal Tightest World […]