Over 700,000 tons of garbage is placed in American landfills on a daily basis. Packaging makes up nearly 40 percent of that. Packaging waste is a big deal – especially when we’re consuming energy to produce, consume, and recycle things that aren’t always necessary. The way we do things now is damaging the environment at our own cost. That’s why we’re taking ourselves out of that loop altogether.


Our mission is to minimize waste and promote healthy, sustainable lifestyles by selling local food with pure ingredients, package-free.

Our ethos are the core values we consider when making any decision about our store operations.

Package-free and zero-waste are new frontiers in the grocery industry, so we’re pioneers in relatively uncharted territory. Because of this our ethos can’t be fully reflected by our business model, since local regulations, consumer demand, public perception, and the norms of the food industry are not aligned in pursuit of a common goal or always interested in sustainability. Nothing in.gredients does as a store, therefore, can be the perfect sustainable shopping option in your area – but we want to be the absolutely best option.


When making decisions and choosing products to carry in-store, in.gredients considers the following core ethos, weighing each of them with this decision-making methodology:

Reduce, reuse

There’s no waste in nature. Waste is a human invention. As good stewards of our environment, our top priority is to reduce the amount of waste we produce and reuse what we have. Being package-free radically limits our waste generation. Our business will be waste free; your home can be waste free too.


Sourcing our food locally is extremely important. By buying and selling locally, we can stimulate the local economy, reduce the energy being used to transport food from region to region, and avoid packaging and preservatives since the product doesn’t need to stay “fresh” for weeks on end.

We’ll limit your choices based on what’s in.season – a new but very old idea. While we’ve come to enjoy the omniscient availability of every kind of produce, having produce that’s out of season here shipped in from the Southern Hemisphere is costly and wasteful.

Real Food

Food with pure ingredients is healthier than food with chemically-manufactured preservatives and artificial dyes. While almost all of the products we sell in our store are basic ingredients, not prepared foods, when we choose prepared products we ensure they contain pure ingredients and avoid products with artificial additives or controversial ingredients (see our list of banned ingredients for reference).


We seek to eliminate unnecessary packaging in our microgrocer – on the front end (our shelves) and back end (how we get products from our vendors). We promise to offer our products in bulk and work with vendors who will deliver their products to us sustainably.

Education and Community

Our business model isn’t the silver bullet that will spawn colossal change in the food packaging industry. Rather, we hope to teach our community how just a few simple changes to the way we live can reduce waste and promote healthy living. We strive to be actively in.volved in our local community, and have designed our store to maximize community on-site. We’d love for you to join us.

Written by Christian Lane

October 12, 2010 at 8:51 am


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